Eco-Friendly Partners

Hi, BOE babes! We’re writing today to tell you about why we are so passionate about eco-friendliness. Our mission is to help integrate eco-friendly products into our everyday lives and normalize the purchase of chemical-free and organic products.

We started BOE to help bikini lovers everywhere wash their swimwear and delicates in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. We are well aware of the effects of our consumer based society, and do our best to only put our brand on the absolute best ingredients, packaging, and materials. It was of the utmost importance to us to remain eco-friendly; even though it is considerably more expensive and less accessible. Our mission is to awaken our followers to the dangers of chemically induced soaps and detergents as well as the lasting and harmful effects of single use plastics.

We use recycled materials for every step of our process. We work solely with brands that are like-minded and support our mission. That being said, we would like to introduce you to two of our favorite eco-friendly skincare and sun protection brands: Manda and EirNYC.

We discovered Manda through a cursory search of Instagram’s eco-friendly sun care brands. We work on a daily basis with sun and skin care brands and want to be in the know about the absolute best of the best. We began chatting with a Manda founder and immediately realized we have found someone with the same goals and outlook as us. Manda products derived from a lack of quality organic sun protection in Southern California. The creators behind Manda are surfers who live their lifestyle much how they represent their brand. Major sunscreen brands use highly toxic chemicals in their base formula that is killing off our coral reef and marine life. As the effects of our lifestyle are becoming more prevalent these eco-warriors decided to take a stand. Thus, Manda was born. Now, their brand is represented in several surf stores across the country and they have a successful e-commerce business. To quote the founders directly, “We leave out the synthetic chemicals and stabilizers that many other skin care products use, and stick to only food safe,
organic ingredients that you are more than familiar with. Our skin is the largest organ in our bodies,
so we may as well feed it right!” As you can see, the founders behind Manda share our passion. Manda can be purchased online at

EirNYC was kind enough to include us in a giveaway they put on last year that showcased some of Instagram’s favorite organic and eco-friendly skincare, makeup, and accessory brands. We leaned about the founder of the company as well as their ethos and naturally fell in love. Eir’s products are beautiful, and sustainable. The brand boats a large product line with natural hair and beard oil, shampoo bars, soothing lip balm, as well as a wide array of sun protection products for the outdoorsy surfer types. We love Eir’s product line not only because of its commitment to sustainability but, because of its attention to detail and aesthetic. We are huge fans of everything Eir and will be lifelong customers. Eir is a widely recognized alternative to big brand name (and chemically laden) products that you can find at your local pharmacy. Eir touts itself as nature’s first-aid kit. Eir sustains that the best remedies for any of our ailments can typically be found through nature. Do yourself a favor and join the eco-tribe. Eir can be purchased online at

Courtney Wilkins