Why Bikini Wash?

When I tell people that I have a small business the obvious next question that follows is, "Oh what is it?" I then pause depending on who I am speaking to, and try to think of the best way to explain what our bikini wash is. I default to our tagline and explain that our soap is all natural and that our packaging is recyclable and reusable which usually perks everyone's ears. The reality is that most people don't understand why bikini wash. Well, I am here to answer all of your questions.

The Why

As a connoisseur of high-quality swimwear and delicates, I can assure you that when you spend about 3/4 of your paycheck on these goods; you want to ensure that you're going to get the most out of them. By gently washing these items with organic and chemical free soap; you are maintaining the color fastness, the elasticity, and softness. By drying them in a shaded area, you are stopping the sun from fading out that beautiful hand dyed color. By using all natural essential oils, we are giving your swimwear and delicates a long lasting fresh scent. Its a multi step process that has been thoroughly thought out and tested. I began washing my swimwear and delicates by hand as soon as I became responsible for paying for them. The reason our bikini wash is the best choice for your suits and unmentionables is the simplicity of it. It is no fuss and doesn't promise to be anything other than what it is. It will make your suits smell amazing. It will help lengthen the life of you swimwear by using it with proper care methods. And it will not add to our ever growing plastic waste epidemic. These tenants we stand by now and forever. 

The How

As a former high-end retail employee we were expected to offer care systems for the high ticket items like shoes, handbags, and jewelry. When we sold suede shoes, we sold a suede care kit. When we sold silver jewelry, we sold a silver polishing kit. When we sold delicate lingerie, we sold delicates bags. These purchases and their care kits were considered normal and necessary. I used these retail days to inspire my bikini wash. I couldn't understand why I was spending $300 dollars on two bikinis and not getting anything with them in the package. I wanted a little something extra with my extravagant purchase, and no one was stepping up to the plate. Enter: Bikinis Over Everything bikini wash.

All in all our goal is to create an ethical product that people love. We want our bikini wash to be synonymous with swimwear purchases. We want our customers to love the smell and love the after effects of our product. We aim to grow our business over time and hope we create a loyal following that supports our mission. 



Courtney Wilkins