BOE travel tips

If you're anything like us then you've been bitten by the travel bug...hard. Lucky for you adventurous types we have created the perfect travel companion. Our original 1 oz bottle is the best option for any getaway. This bottle can be used for up to five washes, which means you can travel with more bikinis. (I know dream come true). All we ask is that you follow these simple rules when traveling with our little 1 oz bottles of delight. 

1. Always take precautions when traveling by plane. Be sure to pack your bikini wash with some extra padding and store with other liquid based items. Don't give TSA a reason to stop you, keep all of your liquids together!

2. When washing your swimwear or delicates for the first time, don't go crazy and pour the whole bottle into the sink. A teaspoon sized amount should be perfect for one piece of swimwear. 

3. After washing your goodies make sure to wipe out the inside rim of the bottle so it is dry. That way when you re-insert the cork it will seal. 

4. Store your bottle upright and keep sun exposure to a minimum.

5. When you return from your adventures, use our 8 oz refill bottle to fill your travel size back up so you are ready for your next getaway. 

Remember that our BOE babes always reduce, reuse, and recycle. 

We love to see where you go, so mention us in your posts @bikinisovereverything and use the #bikinisovereverything or #boebabe. We look forward to sharing our bikini love with you.


The BOE team

Courtney Wilkins