Our Feature with A Bikini A Day

Devin showing us how its done in Tulum,Mexico. Shot by Emily Delphine

Devin showing us how its done in Tulum,Mexico. Shot by Emily Delphine

If you follow us on social media or have subscribed to our newsletter you probably know by now...we are featured on A Bikini A Day! This is such a huge success for us, and we are so honored to call Tash and Dev #boebabes. These women are not only the creme de la creme of bikini bloggers. They are inspiring and influential business women who have created an empire for themselves. Lets delve into why we believe these two are just getting started.

Tash and Dev met 9 years ago in Maui. The two became instant besties, and swiftly combined their talents and mutual interests into what is now A Bikini A Day. Both girls are incredibly talented photographers and began shooting each other in their own swimwear on the beautiful Southern California beaches. They began showcasing their photos on an Instagram account called, you guessed it: 'A Bikini A Day.' Bikini brands started noticing them and their Instagram account grew to become a lifestyle blog. Tash and Dev blogged about swimwear, beauty, and travel; which they believed were topics their audience craved. They created their own niche and were able to make an entire business based on their mutual love of swimwear. The girls attribute their success to their friendship and hard work ethic. We are in awe of what these two have created and can't wait to see what is coming next. 

Bikinis Over Everything bikini wash was featured in the Summer Moments campaign for Monday Swimwear. The model/entrepreneurs/bad ass babes showed off the latest beachwear and swimwear in their photos with our product. Natasha and Devin cleverly thought to photograph the wash in action with beautiful outdoor shower shots courtesy of another bad ass babe: Emily Delphine. Delphine captured the effortless beauty of the women and our shared beachy aesthetics perfectly. The shots convey a warm, inviting tone that makes you feel like you're sipping a margarita on the beaches of Tulum. The collaboration of our brand with A Bikini A Day feels like a dream come true. We hope to be a part of every bikini lovers daily routine and, see no better way than by being endorsed by the ultimate twosome.  Check out our feature on their updated blog: The Swim Report. 


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